Currently dolomite bricks are used as refractory lining of treatment and casting ladles in many steel plants worldwide. DOLOMITE FRANCHI Pentabrick lining, thanks to its low oxidation potential, does not transfer oxygen to the liquid steel, therefore it makes desulphurization easier, it is highly compatible with basic slag, it increases the yield of Fe-alloys and can grant long service life at optimal refractory costs. The AOD and VOD process are nowadays the most common ways to produce stainless and alloy steel grades. The dolomite and dolo-magnesite refractories are considered as the most common lining for such a metallurgical process, especially for their attitude to desulphurization, to work with silica-based slag and to achieve the best performances in terms of costs and service life. DOLOMITE FRANCHI together with INTOCAST, offers a wide range of fired and C-bond dolomite-based bricks, suitable for many metallurgical treatments.