DOLOMITE FRANCHI S.p.A., certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, is the company of INTOCAST Group dedicated to the production of both shaped (bricks) and unshaped (mixes) dolomite refractory materials to line the ladles, AOD converters and Electric Arc Furnaces EAFs.

Head quarter and plant are located in Marone, along the eastern bank of Iseo Lake, just few kilometers far from Brescia. The plant is close to the mine, from which it gets the almost pure mineral that after firing in the vertical shaft kilns becomes the raw material (sinterdolomite) for the production of bricks and mixes.


  • 1919
    Foundation of DOLOMITE FRANCHI by the Franchi’s family. Production of dolomite mixes for open hearth furnaces Siemens-Martin.

  • 1956
    Patent and production of DOLOBLOC, large pre-shaped blocs for EAF and Siemens-Martin sidewalls.

  • 1980
    The old mining operation, located directly in Marone, is closed down. Mining is moved to the Calarusso mine, in the municipality of Zone.
  • 1984
    New brick plant: start-up of PENTABRICK production; tempered dolomite bricks for the secondary metallurgy.

  • 1989
    VEITSCH-RADEX AG (an RHI company) acquires a 48% stake in DOLOMITE FRANCHI S.p.A.

  • 1993
    RHI Group acquires a majority stake; enhanced sales worldwide.

  • 2007
    With effect from 31 July 2007 DOLOMITE FRANCHI S.p.A. became a 100% company of RHI Group.
  • 2017
    INTOCAST AG takes over 100% of DOLOMITE FRANCHI S.p.A.

Company Policy

Health, industrial safety and environmental protection with highest quality of processes and products are the essential elements of the DOLOMITE FRANCHI COMPANY POLICY.

The company and all its employees are committed to the principle of contributing, as part of their activities to:


These targets are achieved thanks to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certifications, together with the adoption of its own CODE OF ETHICS that allows us to obtain the maximum operating result by operating in the respect of the laws and the principles of clarity and transparency.

Organisational Model 231

The principles that guide our organisation in the management of corporate operations.

Italian Legislative Decree no.231 of 8 June 2001 (hereinafter ‘the Decree”) introduced, in the Italian legal system, a system of corporate administrative liability for certain offences committed by directors, managers or employees in the interest or to the advantage of the Company itself. According to this framework, in the event that the offences provided for in the Decree are committed and according to the conditions specified therein, the Company (as legal entity) can be held directly liable, unless it proves to have adopted an organisation, management and control model such that the action has been committed by an individual, in breach of the corporate provisions.

DOLOMITE FRANCHI S.p.A. has therefore adopted its own organisational model, inspired by sound business management criteria and aimed, inter alia, to prevent the commission of offences provided for by the Decree.

The task of monitoring compliance with and observance of the template is assigned to the Supervisory Board which is composed of professionals external to the company with the aim of meeting the requirements of independence, professionalism and continuity of action provided for in the Decree.

The CODE OF ETHICS, which is closely connected to the model, provides the guidelines that all company staff must follow in the management of relations both inside and outside the company and that are inspired by the social and ethical values of correctness, integrity, honesty and transparency.

Any Reports of significant illicit conduct within the meaning of Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 or violations of the Model committed by the staff of the Organisation, may be submitted to the Supervisory Board of DOLOMITE FRANCHIi S.p.A.,

By e-mail to the following address:

By post to the following address:
Via Zanardelli 13,
25054 Marone (BS) – Italia,

FAO the Supervisory Board of DOLOMITE FRANCHI S.p.A.